Apr 25, 2011

Hello Singapore

I arrived here in Singapore an hour before midnight on April 22. It was already dark and I was also tired from the flight so I didn't have any pictures from the airport. Yes I know its a fail since I should have documented my arrival for my first official blog post. From the airport we rode a taxi to my new home which is in Choa Chu Kang. I wanted us to use the MRT but J told me that its already closed. Taxis in Singapore are really expensive. My heart hurts when it stopped at our building and saw that the meter went up to 27sgd. Aside from that there was an additional 10sdg payment since we came from the airport. That was 37sgd all in all. Compute compute compute. Its my third day here now and that was the only time I rode a taxi. Singapore public transportations such as the buses and MRT are very efficient and most importantly, clean. I wish it is also like that in my home country. Its so easy to go around Singapore. You just have to hop in and hop off to any station, tour around then hop in and hop off again.

Let me show you the view from my flat which is on the 12th floor.
view from the left

view from the right

covered walk to the bus stop
But the best thing about the area is this.
McDonald's open 24 hours
Thats all for now.